Booker has refreshed its Premier symbol offering in a bid to attract new members and take a step closer to becoming a £1bn -business.

The group unveiled the new look at its Premier Bromsgrove Road store in Halesowen, Birmingham, last Friday.

The package includes updated window graphics, a new in-store colour scheme, clearer messaging and pricing, and a greater focus on value-for-money lines and promotions, including Booker’s Mega Deals.

Martin Swadling, head of Premier, said the changes were inspired by the work put into its forecourt store format, which launched last November.

“We’ve improved the brand to make sure it is appealing to retailers and consumers and our value message is even stronger.”

Steve Fox, sales director – retail at Booker, added: “This is another step towards Booker becoming a £1bn business.

“We’ve refreshed our stores every year and completed 400 store refreshes last year, as well as recruiting 300 new customers. We expect to convert another 400 stores over the next 12 months, and this will be available to any new members looking to join us.”

Booker is  also launching an online forum to allow retailers to discuss issues with other stores and raise queries with Booker staff and key -suppliers.

In addition, the forum will include best practice videos featuring Premier stores. These will be updated every week.