Select & Save retailers have welcomed the symbol group’s move to wholesaler Bestway after it broke off a 15-year supply deal with rival wholesaler Nisa.

Harj Gill, who runs Select & Save, The Windmill in Birmingham, told RN: “We started to receive Bestway deliveries two weeks ago, and it’s been good so far. It’s not quite the range of Nisa, but we didn’t expect it to be."

He added that the big advantage is he can buy single units of a lot of the chilled products including fresh meats, pies and pastries. “It’s going to be a good way to build our fresh category, try new products and prevent wastage,” he said.

John Cero, manager of Select & Save Bideford Drive, Manchester told RN: “It’s a good move availability-wise ­­- we used to have to go twice a week to Bestway anyway, because we only had one delivery a week from Nisa, and can now get two a week.”

Mr Gill added: “Another advantage is that everyone knows Bestway is stable. Deliveries are arriving on time and complete.”