60 seconds with David Gilroy on Store Excel

Former Bestway operations director David Gilroy launched Store Excel in April to help retailers improve their businesses with unbiased advice. Retail Express spoke to him to find out more about the website and why retailers should sign up…

What is Store Excel?

It’s a digital platform that offers advice from a neutral perspective, and helps retailers meet each other and connect with suppliers.

What prompted you to launch it?

After I left Bestway, I kept getting calls from retailers asking for advice on their business. I realised that there was an opportunity to put this advice into one place, so I began to create a website that brought it all together in an unbiased way.

What does it offer retailers?

They can find out about new products and lines that are trending, as well as seasonal and ranging advice. Most importantly, it offers a retailer hub to discuss issues and ideas.

How many stores are you targeting?

We currently have 700 retailers signed up, but our target is to reach more than 10,000 retailers by this time next year. We have an ambitious vision – long term, we want to create a worldwide retail community.

Why should retailers sign up?

It can be quite a lonely life being an independent retailer. This gives them a chance to connect with other retailers and get other perspectives on how to get the most out of their stores.

It will help them run their business more effectively. There’s nothing more powerful than retailers giving other retailers advice.

Visit the Store Excel site 


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