Confectionery brand hits back at vaping knock-offs

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E-liquid manufacturer IVG is facing legal action from the company behind confectionery brand Millions Sweets for allegedly creating a Millions branded e-liquid without permission.

Stuart Rae, sales manager at Golden Casket, the manufacturer of Millions Sweets said: “We, Millions Sweets, would like to distance ourselves from a "millions" vape product in the marketplace.

We have no association with this product or the vape (e-cig) market and we are currently working behind the scenes to protect our intellectual property. Millions is a children's brand and would never enter a smoking or e-cig 18+ category.”

Retail Express previously uncovered widespread intellectual property violations by “knock off” e-liquids designed to look like brands including Mars, Snickers, Oreos, Ribena, Capri Sun, Polos and more. Experts warned the use of children’s brands in an 18+ category was irresponsible and could lead to retailer age check errors.

IVG had described the contested product stating: “A childhood favourite comes back to the modern life in the shape of our award-winning Bubblegum Millions from IVG Sweets.”

Asked to comment on the legal issues, IVG confirmed that legal representatives from Hadi Law Solicitors were representing it in relation to the intellectual property claims from Golden Casket.

Retail Express approached Hadi Law for comment and is awaiting their response.

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By Jack Courtez Avatar
By Jack Courtez 28 Aug, 2018


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  • By Ruana V. 30 Aug, 2018

    This kind of companies don't care about anything but profit. The intentionally use labels and brands that are well-known and mainly targeting children. Unfortunately this sheds a bad light on the whole e-liquid industry. Responsible manufacturers should have enough common sense to avoid child-appealing labels on e-liquid bottles. Also we as customers should boycott every manufacturer on the market who shows no interest in child protection and acts in such irresponsible manner.

  • By Vape guy 29 Aug, 2018

    IVG deserve everything they get. The started bringing legal action against any vape liquid manufacturers with a name even similar to "Millions" using legal takedown to bully smaller companies. Now they are being boycotted by customers and the same customers informed the sweets company of IVGs use of their trademarked name.

  • By Sir Edmond 29 Aug, 2018

    It’s a good thing when ‘some’ of these e-cigarette stores seem to be making their own branded liquids almost always replicating a well known brand! ‘Ken & Kerry’s ice cream’ ‘Fantasi’ etc etc etc People cashing in simple as that!

  • By Jo 29 Aug, 2018

    Sadly idiot companies like these will cause more problens for an already persecuted industry. The majority of vendors are responsible and it's unfair to tar with same brush.

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