nfrn hqIt is 25 years since Yeoman House became the headquarters of the NFRN in 1986 – a quarter of a century ago, and before too long it will be 100 years since the NFRN was formed in 1919 by pioneering and enterprising Newsagents who had the foresight to form a trade Association which grew to be one of the leading trade associations in Western Europe.

If you look at the minutes of meetings in those early days, you will discover that nothing much has changed either from 1919 or indeed 1986. Problems like box outs and late deliveries are familiar as are the same old gripes with the publishers. But the composition of the trade has changed. In those days, news was dominant along with books and stationery. Today news is still important but its share of the business has gradually declined and convenience has become an integral part of the business as has alcohol. Still however it is the problems with the publishers and wholesalers that dominate the debates in the NFRN council and committee chambers.

Nearly 100 years on, the NFRN still plays a dominant role in safeguarding the interests of its members and providing them with business promotions and development and looking after members long after they have left the trade.

Any guess on what the next 25 or 100 years will bring? Will the same problems continue with the publishers and wholesalers?

For now it is time to celebrate Yeoman House’s quarter century and long may it continue to be the focal point for the NFRN.