NFRN Member 2 Member scheme

An NFRN member is on track to earn more than £150 for referring retailers to the NFRN via the new Member 2 Member scheme – making back half of his membership fee for the year.

Sunder Sandher of One Stop Working With Royals in Leamington Spa has referred two new stores to the federation, following the launch of the new scheme, which the NFRN introduced in April last year to boost its membership.

Through the rewards programme, existing NFRN members are awarded with payments of £75 for every new member that is recruited and stays in the federation for at least three months.   

There is no limit to the number of retailers a member can sign up, so the earning potential is uncapped.

“I was the first person in the federation to bring someone on board through the Member 2 Member programme. I’ve got two people on board so far, earning me £150, and I spoke to a third person last week, which may result in another £75,” said Sandher.

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“For me, any time I meet a retailer I have it in the back of my mind to find out if they would benefit from being a NFRN member. As long as you know the benefits of being a member it’s really easy to talk to other retailers about it.

“There are lots of benefits to being with the federation – NFRN Connect is probably the most important benefit because if you ever have a problem, 99% of the time they’ll be able to sort it out. The insurance is good as well. For a few quid a week, it pays to be part of the NFRN.”

He said once he has spoken to a retailer who is interested he simply sends on their contact details to NFRN membership & recruitment manager Beverly Turner. He urged other members to share the benefits with new retailers they meet. “It’s easy to do – it’s just a chat really,” he added.

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