NFRN helpline

The NFRN helpline, now known as NFRN Connect, has stepped in to correct an issue with Menzies misplacing £2,700-worth of vouchers and trying to take payment early.

Lenney Grossington, of Newspaper Club in Alfriston, East Sussex, told betterRetailing that his wholesaler had misplaced two weeks’ of vouchers and then tried to take out a direct debit payment two days early, which was refused. The shop was then warned that if it didn’t pay the sum in two days, he would not receive any newspaper supply.

However, the NFRN stepped in and said it had forced Menzies to admit it had made a mistake, with a federation representative going through bank statements and invoices to make the wholesaler realise it had made an error.

Grossington praised the NFRN helpline, stating: “If I have a problem, the first thing I do is call the NFRN. I’ve tried to sort things out directly with the wholesaler before and it’s useless. You’re promised call backs that just never happen. From calling the NFRN, this issue was resolved in less than two hours.”

The NFRN representative who helped with the issue confirmed: “His account was credited, which brings his account up to date and didn’t have to pay them anything extra.”