Scottish DRS

In response to a government consultation, the NFRN confirmed its support for a deposit return scheme (DRS) for the UK.

The NFRN has warned that the success of the scheme by 2024 across the UK, excluding Scotland, is dependent on a variety of circumstances.

The speed at which the UK government obtains parliamentary approval for the legislative framework was cited as a key factor by the trade organisation.

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In addition, the speed of which an official administrator is appointed to implement the strategy would also affect that whether DRS can be delivered across the UK by 2024.

The proximity of the UK scheme to that being developed in Scotland is another consideration in delivering the plan in 2024 according to the NFRN. Interoperable schemes are useful in terms of preventing fraud and ensuring a smooth supply chain.

The more similar the structure and function of the two schemes are, the more the experience and lessons learned in implementing the Scottish scheme. This has the potential to speed up the introduction of DRS in the rest of the UK.

Queen’s speech confirms DRS and extended producer responsibility legislation

NFRN national president Stuart Reddish said: “The NFRN was the first retail trade association to support the introduction of DRS and we are keen to see it reach its maximum potential.

“Deposit return schemes will be at their most effective and efficient when the public understands them. Differences between schemes in different countries within the single trading area of the UK will serve only to cause confusion, particularly in the border areas, and drive down return rates.”

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