This year may be the year of the snake in the Chinese calendar, but for the NFRN it is the year that home news delivery (HND) comes to the fore.  HND is the independent news sector’s unique strength. It offers a valuable service to the communities and a clear competitive edge over the large multiple players.

And the NFRN will be doing all we can to kickstart interest in this service over the coming months, encouraging members to take on new rounds, fill black holes where delivery is not available and persuade those who don’t offer a service to seriously consider introducing one.

With the cost of postage rising regularly, one focus will be on working with magazine publishers and distributors to see how we can convert magazine subscriptions into shop saves or home delivered copies.  Under our exciting Store2Door banner, we will also work with major newspaper publishers to convert direct-to-consumer newspaper subscriptions back through members’ stores and will review, update and revamp all the HND advice and guidance on our www.nfrnonline.com to help all members become professional HND retailers.

And if that wasn’t enough we are also looking to introduce an accreditation scheme to add value to members’ businesses as those shops will be instantly recognisable to consumers.  Here at the NFRN it’s our firm belief that home news delivery has massive potential for independent newsagents, delivering long-term revenue, security and customer loyalty. Keep watching this column in 2013 to see what more we will be doing to encourage as many of our members as possible to boost their service and, ultimately, the money in their tills