Retailers previously insured by Gable Insurance have been warned to urgently seek policy coverage to prevent flouting employment law.

The Liechtenstein-based operator was formally put into liquidation after falling into financial difficulties, with all policies effectively ending on December 16.

The NFRN has urged retailers to seek cover to ensure they are fully insured. NFRN head of operations Margaret McCloskey said: “It is a legal requirement for employers to have Employer Liability insurance coverage, which is normally incorporated within their business insurance, therefore, any retailer that doesn’t have insurance cover could be liable for a fine.”

Arif Ahmed of Ahmed Newsagents, Coventry, said he felt short-changed by Gable’s collapse and now faces higher premiums with a new provider.

He said: “They only bothered to tell us after they went out of business. They should have let us know what was going on. A lot of retailers don’t know about this.”