Retailers in the Eastern Counties region are struggling to contact Menzies Distribution when experiencing delivery issues. 

NFRN district president Josie Dixon, who owns Dixon’s Newsagents in Suffolk, said she was considering making restitution claims following repeated late deliveries at the end of last month. However, despite delivery times improving since then, she has been unable to contact anyone from the wholesaler to discuss the situation. 

“My issues have got better, but they’re still nowhere near perfect,” she said. “I’ve still not heard back from anyone regarding my complaints. All my stock comes from Maidstone and I don’t know anything about the staff down there, so I don’t know who to call.”

Ms Dixon said she felt Menzies did not seem to care that its papers are not being delivered on time.

“They can do what they like as there’s nobody else to go to,” she added. “They give a good deal to publishers, but they don’t seem bothered that their papers aren’t getting out. This makes no sense to me.”

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