Newtrade names new managing director

Parin Gohil has been named as the new managing director of Newtrade, the publisher of RN, Retail Express, betterRetailing.com and BetterWholesaling.com.

Parin Gohil has been named as the new managing director of Newtrade, the publisher of RN, Retail Express, betterRetailing.com and BetterWholesaling.com.

The following was shared by Newtrade in a press release on 3 December.

The Board of Newtrade Publishing is delighted to announce the appointment of a new Managing Director.
Parin Gohil, currently Finance Director and, for the past two months, Acting Managing Director, has been appointed to the position of full-time Managing Director, effective immediately.
The Board considered a number of experienced and highly regarded candidates—from within the company and externally—and unanimously agreed that Parin displayed all the key attributes, skills and experience required for this high-profile and demanding position.
Parin has fulfilled the role of Finance Director of Newtrade with distinction for over two years. Prior to Newtrade, he held many senior positions at various advertising and media companies. His extensive experience, ability to drive solutions, and leadership will help Newtrade position itself as a leading organisation within the evolving media and convenience retail industries in which it operates.
Newtrade publishes a portfolio of authoritative and insightful titles that represent the interests of independent retailers, wholesalers and primarily FMCG manufacturers. Its flagship publications include RN, Retail Express and Better Wholesaling. The company also runs a number of successful, targeted events including the Independent Achievers Academy (IAA) and Local Shop Summit (LSS). The online destination betterRetailing.com provides a vital and up-to-date digital offering. All touchpoints support and serve the independent retail and wholesale sectors.
Christopher Collins, Interim Chairman of Newtrade, said of Parin's appointment, "Although the Board interviewed a number of skilled candidates, we always considered that Parin was the ideal person to take over the reins. His recent period as Acting Managing Director confirmed our confidence in Parin’s ability to direct Newtrade into the future."
It is well reported that the independent retail sector continues to face challenges. Newtrade is confident that the quality of its products, together with its ambitious marketing, sales and product plans, will ensure it flourishes and grows in 2019 and beyond. The company will continue to excel under strong leadership and visionary management.
Parin said of his appointment, "Newtrade is going through a period of change. The industry is evolving and Newtrade needs to adapt alongside it. This is an exciting time. The independent convenience industry is growing, and I look forward to ensuring Newtrade is at the forefront in helping retailers, CPG companies and wholesalers develop and grow their sales and profits. Our long-term sustainability rests in our ability to deliver new ideas in the most efficient and effective ways for our stakeholders. My focus will be ensuring Newtrade has a positive impact on the industry."


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