Tobacco-free nicotine pouches

Demand for alternative nicotine products is increasing as consumers dare to venture into new sub-categories.

With the menthol ban having closed one revenue stream for convenience stores, it’s now time that retailers experiment with alternatives such as nicotine pouches to bring in new sales.

Designed as a discreet and convenient alternative to cigarettes and vapes, nicotine pouches are little bags that users can place between their lip and gum, and leave it there while the nicotine is released into their body.

JTI launches Nordic Spirit, a tobacco-free nicotine pouch

Flavours and strengths

According to data provided by JTI, the supplier states that the nicotine pouch category in the UK is growing and is worth £262,922 a month, equating to more than £3m a year.

The company’s UK vice president of sales, Ross Hennessy, says that 93.7% of nicotine pouch sales in the UK come through convenience stores, and in terms of the flavour split, the UK nicotine pouch market is currently 64% menthol and 36% fruit.

“The predominant nicotine pouch strengths in the UK market are 9mg with a 49.4% share and 6mg with a 43.9% share. Nordic Spirit is the leading nicotine pouch brand in the UK, with 88.3% market share,” he says.

Getting ready for the menthol ban with JTI


When putting a range together retailers should make sure they stock a range of nicotine pouches that cater to those looking for menthol alternatives.

Hennessy says: “We anticipate an uptick in the popularity of minty flavours now that the menthol ban is in force, at least until those menthol smokers who have made the switch to an alternative product find the flavour they particularly enjoy.

“Retailers should take advantage of this by making sure they have a wide range of menthol alternatives available, including nicotine pouches that come in mint flavours.”

More than half of smokers will remain brand loyal following the menthol ban

Talk to suppliers

To ensure customers get the best advice and information, retailers need to be knowledgeable in the category and about the different brands they stock. This will help maximise sales.

Hennessy says one way to do so is by taking advantage of free online resources like JTI Advance, which includes key business tools such as a margin calculator, training guides, videos, downloadable PDFs and more.

“They should also take advantage of JTI’s UK salesforce who are fully trained in giving advice to help retailers make the most of the category, from the latest trends to legislation and new products,” he adds.

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