Sugar confectionery is one of the biggest categories in the convenience sector and prompts the most impulse buys, making it crucial for any retailer. The sugar confectionery market has experienced a 4% growth since last year as consumers continue to look for sweet treats on the go. 

Stocking a wide and varied range, as well as using signage to promote multibuy options, is vital for driving sales. Retailers should ensure any future promotional products in sugar confectionery are advertised in advance using in-store posters or signs. Create eye-catching displays and place bestsellers at eye level to encourage spend.  


With impulse lines, the key to driving sales is placing them near the entrance or till area, in easy-to-access displays. Susan Nash, trade communications manager at Mondelez International, says availability and visibility are important for driving sales and increasing spend. “Confectionery is the most impulsive category in convenience, so carrying a core range including singles, bags and gifts is vital for retailers,” she says.

Displaying impulse lines effectively is vital to encourage consumers to spend more. For instance, displaying sugar confectionery near soft drinks is a great way to encourage additional purchases. 

To increase sales, Nash suggests making the most of seasonal opportunities through retail innovation and impactful displays. “We are working closely with retailers to help them drive confectionery sales through a focus on innovation and getting a deeper understanding of their shoppers,” she says.

Use your EPoS data to identify bestsellers and work with suppliers to establish key products, that are expected to be popular. To get the most out of additional sales, retailers should keep up to date with market trends and new products. 

Hannah Smithson, assistant brand manager for Rowntree’s Nestlé, says the growing market for sour products is worth £67m and accounts for 9% of the fruit sugar market. 

Nestlé recommends stocking sugar confectionery near the till or on a clip strip to catch customers’ attention. “New products are typically popular in independent stores, especially if they’re on promotion. Stock them in a visible area to maximise sales, and advertise beforehand where you can,” says Smithson. 

Smaller varieties of sugar confectionery will often be picked up last- minute and on the go as consumers purchase their lunch or morning snacks, so stock these near the entrance or by soft drinks. 

Sharing bags

A key growth driver in the sugar confectionery category is the ever-popular sharing bags – an important range for retailers to stock. 

Stock a wide and varied range close to impulse lines to prompt higher spends in store. 

One way to ensure visibility for the customer is placing sharing bags on a wall fixture by the till area or near other confectionery ranges, such as chocolate. 

Retailer Ian Lewis, from Crescent Store Spar, Minster Lovell, Oxfordshire, stocks his sharing bags opposite impulse lines. “Quite often, my customers will purchase sharing bags over my impulse lines – especially when they are on promotion, because these variants work out as a better value for money,” he says. 

Claire James, trade marketing manager for Haribo, says stocking family favourite treats in large packs is key for driving success and sales for retailers. “Convenience retailers looking to enhance their sales from within their confectionery category should focus on stocking market-leading products, especially ranges with brightly-coloured packaging to draw customers’ attention.” 

stock sharing near impule
Stock sharing bags near impulse lines

Retailer Joe Williams, from The Village Shop in Oxfordshire, makes use of his space and stocks a core range of sugar confectionery. “Haribo and Maoam Pinballs are popular for us, especially when they’re on promotion. We have a one-metre fixture for sharing bags, and customers will often trade up from impulse lines,” he says.

“We had them on displays near our impulse lines, but due to space we’ve had to relocate them further down the aisle,” he adds. 

Despite healthy eating rising in popularity and many retailers updating their range to cater for this growing trend, this year’s What to Stock data shows sugar confectionery lines continue to be popular among consumers, with Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles a firm favourite.

Top five impulse lines in sugar confectionery* 

1. Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles

2. Brain Licker Candy Drink Raspberry

3. Vimto Fizzy Rip Roll

4. Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums 

5. Rowntree’s Fruit Gums

* To find out the top 25 sugar confectionery lines in independent and symbol stores, go to

What’s new

Randoms Sours 

Randoms Sours is Nestlé’s latest addition to its rebranded Rowntree’s range. The 140g sharing bags have an RRP of £1.29. 


Nestlé recently launched its second Squish’ems product, which is available in 140g sharing bags and combines squishy foam and fruit jelly in single sweets.

Nestlé shoots hoops with new Randoms

Soft Jellies Fizzy Fish 

Mondelez recently launched its first-ever sour jelly products. Soft Jellies are available in sharing bags.

Trebor Cool Drops Sugar Free Extra Fresh 

Trebor has added Cool Drops to its extensive mint range. These are the company’s first-ever hard-boiled sugar-free sweet.

Trebor Cool Drops Sugar Free Lemon

Cool Drops Sugar Free Lemon sit alongside Trebor’s Extra Fresh flavours. Each pack of these lemon-flavoured sweets contains fewer than 100kcal. 

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