Retailers must focus on health and well-being, taste and fun, and lifestyle and culture as the trends that will help boost sales of soft drinks, supplier AG Barr has advised.

Nick Bentley, category and shopper marketing controller for Barr Soft Drinks, said within this lies six sub-sections that retailers should label their soft drinks by: healthy refreshment, tasty hydration, everyday enjoyment, adult social, connecting cultures, and on the go.

“Merchandising the chiller in a clear and engaging way with PoS signposting each of these headings will make shopping the soft drinks fixture much easier, and ensure that your store stands out,” he said.

Danny Hunt, of Greylees Convenience Store (Premier Express), in Greylees, said signposting what each soft drink offers consumers is a useful tactic to help grab shoppers’ attention if they are looking for specific benefits, such as energy.

“The only issue could be if the labels block the prices at the bottom. I think having banners is a good idea and we ourselves have a few in store by the bread section,” he said. 

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