Which stores are affected

Convenience stores with less than 50 employees

  • If you are not affiliated to a symbol group/franchise you are exempt from HFSS.
  • If you are with a symbol group/franchise then your group will contact you with details of whether your store affected.

Convenience stores with more than 50 employees

  • If your store is above 2,000sq ft you are affected by both promotional restrictions and location restrictions.
  • If your store is below 2,000sq ft you are affected by promotional restrictions, but exempt from location restrictions

Which store locations are restricted?

  • If your store is affected by HFSS legislation, you cannot display HFSS products

Within the general area near the store entrance (up to 15m)

Checkout cyber attacks

Within 2m of a checkout, unless it’s in a main aisle

Within 2m of designated queueing areas, unless it’s in a main aisle

On end of aisles that are adjacent to the main aisle or on a separate structure within 50cm of an end aisle

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