Convenience stores vital to up to 60% of consumers’ 2022 Christmas shopping plans

New research by Ferrero and KAM Media reveals festive shopping habits, behavioural trends and habits in confectionery, as well as a wider retailers’ view of top-performing festive categories across the UK


Convenience stores are central to near 60% of consumers’ Christmas shopping plans this year, according to new research commissioned by Ferrero and compiled by KAM Media.

The research reveals that 28% of shoppers are ready to begin their seasonal shopping visits at the start of December, while a further 42% plan to do their top-up shops at their nearest convenience store in the final days before Christmas.

Ferrero and KAM Media asked consumers about their spending habits this Christmas and found that 90% of shoppers will stick to chocolate brands they know and love, while 56% plan to spend the same or more than they usually do on gifts.

The report also found the following:

  • Fifty-five per cent intend to spend more or the same on home entertaining
  • More than half of shoppers (52%) says they will spend more and opt for more premium chocolate over the festive period
  • Thirty-five per cent said they plan to celebrate at home to save money
  • Alcohol is bought alongside chocolate on 68% of occasions – almost half purchase snacking products and cards when buying chocolate

Furthermore, a third of retailers plan to run more in-store promotions around chocolate this year, with 59% of retailers saying they sell more boxed chocolate confectionery during the Christmas period.

Over a third (35%) also see an uplift in self-treat chocolate confectionery, as noted by the report. According to Ferrero, this shows consumers are not only spending on loved ones, but also themselves, and retailers should stock individual treat items close to gifts to capitalise on this festive trend.

Finally, the report says alcohol is bought alongside chocolate on 68% of occasions, while snacking products, such as crisps and nuts came in at second (47%) and cards third (45%).

Ferrero said of the report: “With many shoppers planning to use their local convenience store in the coming week, citing not just their convenience but the rise in fuel prices as reasons, retailers have a real opportunity to drive gift and entertaining spend, particularly in the confectionery categories where boxed chocolate and novelty gifts are set to become more relevant.”

In terms of ranges to stock, Ferrero says more than half of consumers favour traditions and will buy the same confectionery brands each Christmas.

“This showcases the power of well-known, trusted brands and consumer loyalty, and opportunities for well-established brands like Ferrero products, such as Thorntons.

“Key manufacturers, brands and retailers alike understand and tap into these spending habits and trends to maximise opportunities throughout the festive period. Trusted brands which recognise the value of leveraging their year-round position to launch seasonal lines to drive premium growth into the category will be those that succeed this Christmas,” the supplier added.

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