In a category that has experienced phenomenal growth – annual sales climbed to £1.7 billion last year – there is good reason why retailers across the industry are paying more attention to home baking.

Many credit the UK’s favourite baking show, The Great British Bake-Off, for the consistent year-on-year growth in sales and Waitrose reported a mighty 881% uplift in sale of baking trays alone in the last week of July 2014 – just one month after the start of the Bake-Off’s fifth series.

Similarly, in convenience retailers such as Tom Dant, Paul Keys and Serge Khunkhun have expanded this category in the past few years, and see it as an essential part of the future of their businesses. Here’s just a few of the essential home baking products we highlight in this week’s RN issue to stock for baking enthusiasts.


While popularly used for thickening gravy, cornflour is also useful for meringues and as a alternative to standard flour to make lighter biscuits and puddings.

Paul Keys

Key News & Stores, South Yorkshire

“I started stocking these when I re-fitted my shop and saw that cornflour was on all the home baking planograms I looked at. It has since proved a worthwhile product to stock.”

Ready-made cake mixes

Anyone who has committed to baking a batch of cakes with little or no time to prepare will be grateful for a quick fix at their nearest convenience store.

Serge Khunkhun

Woodcross Wines, Wolverhampton

“I stock Happy Shopper Fairy Cake Mix that I sell pricemarked at £1.25, or 2 for £2.20. I also use Betty Crocker mixes to signpost the category because it’s such a recognisable brand, and sell Green’s cheesecake mix which is very popular.”

Cake Tins

Customers who have just bought everything they think they need for a triple-layered Victoria sponge only to realise they’re one cake tin short will be rushing out to their local store for one.

Tom Dant

Spar, Lincolnshire

“I actually started renting out cake tins ever since a local baking club started a few years ago and came to my store asking for baking utensils. Word soon spread and now many of my regulars rent them out for charity bake sales and classes.”

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