Gum is the most impulsive category in the convenience retail sector. We catch up with two retailers who have worked with Wrigley’s Merchandising with the Masters programme to find out how it has impacted their gum sales

Earlier our retailers met Wrigley’s field sales representative Raj Jadeja and mentor Sandeep Baines, from Simply Fresh in Faversham, to find out how to set their gum sales soaring. We caught up with them again to review what impact the programme has had on gum sales.

Retailer: Ushma Amin, Londis, London Road, Sutton

“The stand has had a very positive impact. The lighting is brilliant – it really makes it stand out. It looks clean and fresh and doesn’t take up too much room on my busy till.Following the planogram closely makes a big difference – we’ve now started selling the Extra bottles, and since Raj’s visit we have added lines we didn’t have in stock to fully meet the planogram.

“We’ve seen an increase in sales across all 29 variants we now sell, with Extra Ice and Extra White the top. We’ve had lots of favourable comments from customers, and people can see the unit right from the back of the queue, so it prompts them to think about buying earlier. I’m really pleased with the results.”

Retailer: Amita Patel, News, Food & Wine, Sutton

Expert Advice: Raj Jadeja, Field sales representative, Wrigley

“These figures show how important visibility and availability are to maximising sales. Ushma and Amita can build on the success of their units by being proactive about new products and making the most of our marketing messages. We are rolling out the lit units that we have placed in these two stores in phases. We hope to have more available in 2016.”

Mentor: Sandeep Bains​​​​​​​, Simply Fresh, Faversham

“The advice we’ve given, coupled with the new fixture has shown a great uplift in sales for both retailers. They’ve shown how clear marketing, good availability and immaculate merchandising can really make a difference.”​​​​​​​

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