Are you on schedule for the tobacco display ban on 6 April?

With Christmas behind you and seasonal events such as Valentine’s Day and Easter already clamouring for your attention, make sure you keep the following on your January to-do list:

  1. Talk to your customers – tell them about the retail display ban. This may be the most discussed topic in retail, but don’t be surprised if very few customers have any inkling about it. Start letting your customers know, and reassure them you will continue to stock their favourite brands.
  2. Decide on your range and consider all options for your gantry layout. This will take more time than you think, so if you haven’t done so already, map out exactly how you’re gantry will look like post-display ban. Think about what sells well and how much space you will need. Your tobacco rep will be able to provide invaluable advice to help you with this.
  3. Get stock ordered for your new display. Now that you’ve decided what your range will include, save yourself the unnecessary stress of running out of stock when the display ban hits and order now. This will avoid the hassle of impatient customers as you navigate a dark gantry for the first time.
  4. If you are still undecided on how to cover your gantry, talk to your supplier or source a company to convert it and get it booked ASAP. Read RN’s 9 January feature Tobacco: Three Months To Go to learn about the different options and how the display ban will affect the tobacco industry.