If you want some guidance on how to position your magazines in-store, the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ magazines sales data is a good place to start.

Analysis for the first half of this year makes for interesting reading. Last week, we reported on the performance of the top titles overall, but it’s worth drilling down into the figures again and looking at which news and current affairs magazines achieved an uplift.

Granted, 2015 was an election year so Private Eye secured a 5.7% sales increase on the newsstand ­– its biggest since 1986 – taking it to a circulation of 90,290 copies per issue.

News round-up magazine The Week also increased sales, by 1.7% year on year, which its publisher says is its 34th consecutive increase. Likewise, The Spectator grew print sales by 2.6% and The Oldie by 1.6%.

One other standout success story is children’s magazine First News, aimed at seven to 14-year-olds, which saw a circulation rise of 12.4% to 79,431. We wrote about the rise in sales of children’s magazines recently, and this is further vindication that in a digital age, kids still want to get their hands on printed magazines.

Whether this spree will continue into the second half of the year remains to be seen, but it just goes to show that major events whether they are political, sporting, economic or otherwise, have an impact on the reading habits of the nation.

Whichever current affairs titles you decide to stock, positioning is everything, so when building your displays, it’s also worth keeping track of and responding to what’s in the headlines.