The breakfast needs of your customers are changing, but is your offer changing with them? RN speaks to two brilliant retailers to learn what they’re doing and what you can learn from it

Independent convenience retailWhat I offer my customers for breakfast

Harj Dhasee – Nisa Village Stores, Gloucestershire

Bacon rolls and sausage rolls sell really well in our store alongside cups of coffee. I find that people who are looking to be healthier tend to eat breakfast at home, while those who want breakfast from us won’t be as concerned. Having said that, sales of cereal snack pots are ticking over quite nicely. We also sell a lot of 330ml bottles of Tropicana too. I think it’s vital that retailers offer some kind of breakfast to their customers. Alongside the lunchtime and dinner trade it’s one of the key times of day for us.

Lesson for your store

If like Harj, the mornings are a key time for your business, it’s a good sign that an on-the-go breakfast range could work well in your store


Bhavesh Parekh owns and runs a Family Shopper store in Bolton, Lancashire

What I offer my customers

Bhavesh Parekh – Kwiksave, Bolton

We have a Subway franchise in our store which brings in a lot of footfall, with customers buying their breakfast, a newspaper, some confectionery and a snack. We have a three-tiered pricing system. For £2, customers can get an egg and cheese, bacon and cheese or sausage and cheese roll. For another 30p they can get an egg and bacon, for example, and for £2.60 they can have a roll with everything in plus a drink. We’re the only shop in the area that offers anything like this and our margins can be as high as 50%, which makes it very valuable part of the business.

Lesson for your store

Investing in food to go to the extent that Bhavesh has can make your store totally unique.

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