The Olympics has been and gone. For two or three weeks the English capital was awash with feel-good buzz, and then immediately afterward there was a distinct emotional lull. After the storm of the opening ceremony and the fortnight-long cascade of British gold medals, a quiet emptiness set in.

Now the next item on Britain’s 2012 sporting agenda is the hosting of the Paralympic Games, and retailers will be thinking how they can get behind it and capitalise on the same feeling that enveloped the Olympics. But here’s a thought: although the Paralympics is a celebration of the achievement of disabled athletes, wouldn’t it be a far more inclusive games if instead of two distinct programmes for able-bodied and disabled athletes, there was one unified Olympic Games?

As well as raising the profile of disabled athletes around the world by putting their achievements in the same category as able-bodied athletes, it would also create a far bigger event for the economy to celebrate, rather than having the stop-start rhythm of two separate events.