The second insight from RN’s Symbol Spy where shopper psychologist Phillip Adcock looks at what the Symbol groups do well and where they can be better

The different ways in which retailers merchandise newspapers and magazines is stark. At Costcutter, Premier and Londis, Mr Adcock notices that each title has been placed by the door. “Now I bet a lot of people come in the morning just for a paper,” he observes, “so shouldn’t the papers be a little further in, so people get to see a couple of other products too? If a customer can grab a paper, go to the till and leave, it is too easy.”

In the Best-one store, however, Mr Adcock sees his idea in action. “The fresh bakery has sold out here, as have the newspapers. By 3pm this is exactly how it should be.” The store has fully taken advantage of the popularity of these two categories. “They’re both in different corners, meaning customers are driven through the store in the mornings and other items can attract people to make an additional purchase.” His message is clear: “Don’t put all of your footfall drivers together.”