Retail Newsagent‘s undercover spy and shopper psychologist Phillip Adcock lifts the lid on how symbol groups are gaining so much traction in the market place

“One of the things customers tell us is that black boxes are rubbish for storing fruit and vegetables and the green colour, mixed with green grocer-style mats, really adds to the theatre of this part of the shop,” Mr Adcock notes while we’re visiting Best-one. The change from black boxes to green ones has taken place in major grocers across Britain, but, as Mr Adcock notes, symbol groups are now taking this even further. Not only was there effective green matting in this store, but “the hand written signs add to the authentic feel”. In fact, Mr Adcock s impressed at the displays of fruit and vegetables available at each of the stores.

symbol-spy-fruitWhat can you do?

Give your fruit and vegetable shelves a greengrocer-inspired makeover to add valuable theatre.  And can other categories be similarly transformed?  Wine cellars and bakeries are two sources of inspiration.