More from RN’s Symbol Spy where shopper psychologist Phillip Adcock looks at what the Symbol groups do well and where they can be better

“Large bottles of branded washing powder for £3 might be a good deal, but 69p for 80 tea bags is a very good deal,” says Mr Adcock as he studies the own-brand offer at the Premier store, where it is clear that the customer base has little disposable income.

“If you have deals like this, tell customers about them and then, while they’re in the shop, you can try and add to their basket spend.” This is even more important when your customers are poorer, he adds: “If every penny matters to your customers, advertising a washing powder for £3 which customers can get for £2 at the supermarket isn’t the right message. That 69p, meanwhile, is genuinely cheap. The old fashioned rule of retail is that you’d put a deal like this at the back of the store so customers will pick up something while they are shopping.”