Do you use EPoS?  If so do you make the most of it by adjusting your range according to your sales data?  In another insight from Retail Newsagents Symbol Spy series undercover shopper psychologist Philip Adcock looks at how some symbol group stores did it better than others.

There are signs in the stores we visit that EPoS was both being used expertly and not at all. In Londis in Clapham, Mr Adcock is initially surprised that a whole bay of a moderately-sized store is given over to flapjacks and breakfast bars. But looking at the careful organisation of the store convinces him that this range had been built out of close analysis; quick snacks are a staple of this business. Yet, while Costcutter also clearly uses EPoS to replenish shelves and avoid out of stocks, he isn’t sure that sales have been analysed to judge ranges. Inside there are three bays of pet food and five bays of biscuits, while there are two full bays of tea and coffee at the Premier store. “Do they sell twice as much coffee as washing powder?” is Mr Adcock’s immediate question. EPoS here can help get the proportion of stock and display space in harmony with the reality of your business.

symbol-spy-eposWhat can you do?

If you have an EPoS system, look at the proportion of your sales which are going to particular categories.  Is this spread reflected in your layout?