Independent retailers are being encouraged to switch to money-saving smart meters to battle ongoing issues with rising costs.

Mo Razzaq has had a smart meter installed in his Family Shopper store in Blantyre, Glasgow, where it works in tandem with his solar panels, and he’s already seeing a benefit to his bottom line.

The meters enable users to see exactly how much energy they are using and can help them cut down on inefficiencies and excessive costs.

“We had them installed alongside the solar panels because our old meters were no longer suitable for that,” Razzaq told Retail Express.

Mo Razzaq is making considerable savings on his energy bills since switching to smart meters

“Smart meters let you know exactly how much power you’re using and the cost as you’re going along. You become much more aware of peak times and the power you’re using and you can go through it all and see where you can make savings.”

One area where it worked for Razzaq’s store was in assessing the cost of air conditioning. It enabled him to cut back on usage without affecting the temperature in the store and save on his energy bill.

“A thermostat is not as accurate as the smart meter and sometimes you have the air-conditioning on without really needing it. We’ve saved £80 or £90 a month on that alone,” he said.

He added that it also works well with his solar panels, which have saved him more than £400 on his energy bills in the past few years. “I’d definitely recommend it. It is giving us a big saving,” he said.

Four easy steps to getting a smart meter for your store.