How does your store’s location affect bread sales?

Retail Newsagent speaks to three retailers about customers, trends and ranging to find out

The transport hub

David Wyatt outside his gatwick store

Costcutter and Shell Forecourt,Copthorne, West Sussex

David Wyatt’s 1,500sq ft store is five miles from Gatwick Airport and is a perfect spot for travelers to stock up on snacks or essentials

“In a usual week I will sell around 30 white loaves a day and 15 wholemeal ones.

“The bread market has changed a lot in recent years with price-conscious customers are looking for a standard 800g white loaf at a price point of £1. So I look at what’s on promotion – by Hovis, Kingsmill or Mothers Pride – to ensure I always have a white loaf available at this price or less.

“These brands only have a place in my range when they are on these promotions, otherwise I stick to a core range of Warburtons products. I chose Warburton’s as I found my customers liked it better and see it as a more premium-quality product.”

The Countryside Forecourt


Spar Winford Ford, Winford, near Bristol

 Justin Taylor’s 2,500sq ft roadside convenience store excels in its fresh range and offers a Cook frozen food concession – how does his bread range compare?


 “We have a large range of bread in store with 22 different Warburton’s products on sale, for example. This includes different loaf and roll variants including medium white to seeded, along with wraps and pittas.

“We chose the Warburton’s brand as it is a good fit for our customers and we get strong sales. Across the whole range we sell around 50 to 60 loaves a day.

“Although we have a big range, the bestsellers are definitely still the everyday favourites of medium white, wholemeal and the Warburton’s Half & Half range.

“To get to our current range it has simply been a case of trial and error with all the different products on offer from Warburtons to see what customers like best.”

 The Local Store in a Coastal Town

justin fenn

Kwik Save, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Justin Fenn’s 1,500sq ft convenience store caters to price-conscious shoppers in a busy seaside location. 

“We have a good range of both Kingsmill and Warburtons rolls and loaves, with the core range including thick, medium and ‘toastie’.

“Sales reps from both companies looked at the space I have available, as well as my customer base, to help me pick the right range.

“We used to stock Hovis, but it didn’t sell so I cut it so the space could be used for the other two brands.

“I’m happy to trial all new products to gauge customer reaction as I have a sale or return deal with the suppliers. If they are popular then I will add them into the core range.

“We sell around 700 products across the Kingsmill range each week while Warburton’s is significantly less at around 50 products a week.

“I keep the range because customers have said they see it as a premium alternative with the greased paper giving it a quality feel.”