In preparation for the impending display ban, Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK Ltd (STG UK) visited retailers Sanjeev Bharathan and Perry Pirapakran to give advice and implement category management expertise.

Six weeks ago Zeeshan Rais from STG UK adjusted the range in each store to maximise the potential of the category, as well as discussing the best approach to increasing tobacco sales. Here, we show how we achieved 13% and 4% sales increases.

Using STG UK’s expertise as the leading Cigar manufacturer and insights from its Gantry Guardian ambassadors, Zeeshan adjusted the tobacco range in each store to make the most of key category trends ahead of the dark market next year.    

The purpose was to maximise sales according to their demographic, with Sanjeev operating in an affluent area and Perry in a value-driven area. 

If you would like a copy of STG UK’s Gantry Guardians’ Guide to Tobacco Report, contact STG UK customer services on 020 8731 3400 or