The sugar tax is the latest levy designed to affect independent retailers’ sales. Here we take a look at six brands suppliers have innovated that could help you prepare for this.

lucozade zeroLucozade Zero

Launched in May, Lucozade Zero offers the brand’s two most popular flavours – Orange and Pink Lemonade – in a zero-sugar variety. It is available in 380ml pricemarked and non-pricemarked packs and 500ml bottles.


Untitled design (1)Monster Ultra Red

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) first launched Monster Ultra in September last year, partly in response to a media storm over the amount of sugar in some energy drinks, which highlighted the 13 teaspoons found in a 500ml can of Monster as a particular culprit.

coke lifeCoca-Cola Life

Launched in 2014, Coca-Cola Life’s green packaging has established itself on the shelves of UK newsagents. “Made with a blend of sugar and stevia plant extract, Coca-Cola Life appeals to those looking to reduce their sugar intake but who want a naturally sweetened product and do not want to switch to a sugar-free cola,” says Donna Pisani, trade communications manager at CCE.


7up7-Up Free Mojito

This non-alcoholic, sugar-free soft drink combines two massive market trends: lower or no-calorie drinks. It’s available in 600ml bottles. “We understand that sugar is a key factor in shoppers’ purchasing decisions,” says Kevin McNair, marketing director for Britvic Soft Drinks.


coke zero cherryCoca-Cola Zero Cherry

CCE’s sugar-free version of old favourite Coca-Cola Cherry is available in a range of formats, with the latest, single packs of 330ml and 500ml formats, launched in January this year. The product aims to “tap into consumer demand for choice and low calorie options,” according to Donna Pisani, trade communications manager at CCE.


tangoTango Orange Sugar-Free

Sugar-free fruit carbonates grew 6.2% in 2014, inspiring Britvic to get in on the action: it launched Tango Orange Sugar Free the following year. It is available in four formats: single cans, 600ml bottles, 6x330ml cans and 2l bottles, RRP 59p, 99p, £3.19 and £1.99 respectively.



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