Happy New Year! This is the traditional time of year to think about the future and set a resolution or two. Have you got some resolutions about how you are going to change your life or business this year? Just wishing success will not deliver it, you need to set a goal and put together a plan to make it happen.

Sounds simple, well I learn that goal setting is to route to success while owning and running a village store and Post Office. The key lessons for me were:

Find and talk to people who have achieved success. They are likely to have solved many of the challenges that may be stopping you. I used NFRN and Sussex Village Shop Group meetings to find these people.

My first goal setting exercise was relatively small scale. I started a marketing campaign after attending an evening training meeting.

I made the goal real by telling other people what I was planning to do. Family, employees and customers provided this group and their feed back was also useful as I knew that I didn’t know all the answers.

I measured success by increased sales and customer reaction. Within a few weeks we had increased sales by 15% and seeing customers coming to shop with our leaflet in their hands illustrated the value of the campaign.