Rum price comparison

Comparing rum prices

Behind the numbers

Our rum price comparison tools below will help ensure you make the most of this growing category.

Fifty-nine per cent of retailers are charging Bacardi Carta Blanca White Rum up to £11 more than the most common price, and 55% of retailers are charging above the most-common price on Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum 1l.

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Compared with larger sizes, 20cl formats tend to have less flexibility on price, with the majority of retailers sticking to the most common price on the three lines in this week’s table. For example, 96% of retailers are pricing Wray & Nephew White Rum at £9.99. However, 35cl formats have more flexibility to charge above.

Almost a third of retailers (27%) are charging up to 96p more than the most common price on Cane Trader White Rum 35cl.

Work with suppliers or sales reps on merchandising your rum range effectively.

Rum price comparison

Rum price comparison

Rum price distribution

Percentage of stores selling rum lines above, below and at the most common retail price:

Comparing rum prices

Must-stock rum products

Rum products comparison

Retailer viewpoints

How rum products works for their stores

Vince Malone

Vince Malone

Store Premier Tenby Stores & Post Office
Location Tenby, Pembrokeshire
Size 920sq ft
Type Village

Top rum products
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 20cl
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 70cl
Oakheart Spiced Rum 20cl

“Rum is a good category for us, with strong sales. We stock all formats of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and we started stocking Kraken Black Spiced Rum 35cl after our customers began asking us to stock it. It’s early days, but it’s going well so far.

“I wasn’t aware of the product, but it’s all about listening to your customers and thinking how you can incorporate their needs into your offering. We’ve seen a growth in rum over recent weeks, but we often don’t see trends hit our area until the tourist season arrives in April.”

Harry Mawi

Harry Mawi

Store Nisa Crossgates
Location Crossgates, Leeds
Size 1,200sq ft
Type Residential

Top products
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 70cl
Bacardi Carta Blanca White Rum 35cl
Nisa’s Heritage Signature Blend White Rum 70cl

“Rum is a pretty strong category for us, with Captain Morgan Spiced a bestseller. I think this is because Captain Morgan is a recognisable brand, so my shoppers instantly go for it. Bacardi Carta Blanca White Rum is also a big seller for us.

“We don’t stock a large range of rum, because we’re focusing on gin, but as alcohol is a fast-moving category, I presume trends will change every year. Surprisingly, lighter rums sell better than spiced rum overall, but I think this is down to personal preferences among my customers.”

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