Our dear old mums have fed us, had a plaster ready for our inevitable cuts and bruises and been our most loyal champions. But their influence doesn’t end with our childhood.  With Mothers Day fast approaching, four retailers share how their mums influence their business lives.

Alkesh-PankhaniaBe there…
Alkesh Pankhania

Best-one, Sunbury-on-Thames,
Greater London

My mum is there for me whatever. When I go away for a few days or they go on holiday, I know that she’ll be worrying about me and wanting to know I am okay. Having that supportive person – a best friend that you can talk to about things – makes it easier to get on and run a business every day.


Kay-PatelThink on your feet…
Kay Patel

Global News & Sandwiches, Stratford, London

Around 13 or 14 years ago our bank manager’s wife was heavily pregnant and went into labour as he arrived for a meeting at our shop. My mum quickly called my aunt and told her to get some baby girl clothes from Mothercare. My mum’s quick thinking meant he got his first gift from our family and we’ve been in the bank manager’s good books ever since!


Christine-HopeMind your manners…
Christine Hope

Hopes of Longtown, Longtown, Hereford

My grandmother taught me that respect needs to be earned and the importance of manners and being polite. When you’re building up clientele for a local shop these things are really important and thanks to the attitude this gave me, I’ve developed a business where people will come from 30 miles away to get particular products, such as bakery items, from us.


Sanjeev-VadheraBe organised…
Sanjeev Vadhera

North East Convenience Stores

The main influence my mum had on me was her organisation. Growing up in a family with three boys, everything needed to be regimented, from meal times to cleaning. As my business has grown from one store to 20 I’ve had to be just as organised as she was then.


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