Something that has impressed me immensely is the way enterprising retailers add a touch of theatre to their shops.

Two outstanding examples I have encountered over the last 12 months are the stores of Aman Mehan in Wednesbury and Shaid Hussain in Burton on Trent.

Aman had a cider tap on his till which he used to serve locally produced brew to his customers (for consumption off the premises, I hasten to add), and which gave his shop the air of a genteel country pub.

Shaid recently admitted in the pages of Retail Express that business in his skate shop has been slow of late. But even so, having a business so clearly in tune with what teenagers in his community are interested in is fantastic. It offers teens a place where they can come and watch videos of their own stunts played out on a big screen just yards away from his regular convenience retail section.

What sort of ‘theatre’ do you offer in your shop and what is the key to doing this kind of thing well?