Security is a concern for anyone running a retail business, but for London retailer Naveen Kumar, making his store secure has become his sole priority.

Naveen’s Budgens store has been blighted by attacks since it opened in 2014, and the most recent robberies just before Christmas left his staff too frightened to come into work.

As a result, he’s invested heavily. In addition to the CCTV he already had throughout the store, he now has heavy duty shutters in and outside the shop, shorter opening hours, an increased number of staff on duty at all times, and a full-time security guard.

Just days after the latest robberies on Naveen’s store, Imtiaz Ul Haq, a retailer in Queensferry, near Chester, was attacked in a violent robbery, leaving him fighting for his life, with gashes to his neck, wrist and head. It was the fourth attack on his store in four months.

Sadly, incidences like these are commonplace – you no doubt have your own stories to tell on how you’ve been affected by crime in your store.

Retail crime has always been a huge issue for the independent convenience channel, but with the pound weakening, prices rising and a lot of uncertainty about the future of the economy, the fear among some retailers is that robberies will become more frequent, and robbers more desperate and more dangerous.

Like Naveen, you have to do as much as you can to protect your staff, customers and business, with strong security measures and by building strong relationships with the local community and police.

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