Innovative ways to merchandise your spirits during the summer. We give you cream-of-the-crop advice from suppliers’ and retailers’ methods:

  • Pre-mixers and ready to serve cocktails: Logically speaking, these grab and go drinks are for immediate consumption and should therefore be kept in the chiller or freezer. Simple, but essential: Retailer Raj Aggarwal failed to sell his Parrot Bays freeze and squeeze pouches last summer because he stocked them in fridge for customers to take home and freeze themselves. This year he has noticed a considerable increase by selling the pouches pre-frozen.


  • Group categories together – all vodka, all gin etc.


  • Block vertically so that the shopper can see the full category rather than having to scan left to right to find products – especially if you have several metres of shelving.


  • Place higher priced and premium products above value products. You will notice the first glance that customer’s throw will be on the top shelf of your spirits, so it’s important to make the right first impression.


  • Bring top selling spirits brands from behind the counter and onto open sale on the shop floor. As you can imagine, placing Pimms by the fresh foods section next to the strawberries on a hot Sunday will helps sales along nicely. Just keep a close eye on your security camera!


  • Rather than doing a toss-up between your tried and trusted spirits and new flavoured ones, stack up different flavours behind one another and rotate them on a weekly basis. If one customers asks for the front facing flavour, then you can alert them to the alternatives behind. This way you will be able to tell which flavours sell best at your store.


  • Up the impulse opportunity: Go further than just clearer signage, and attractive displays. According to Pernod Ricard UK’s Off-Trade Channel Director for Spirits Chris Shead, independents should tie in popular premium spirit displays to key summer events, such as the World Cup, to encourage customers to trade up to celebrate summer occasions. Father’s Day is another great sales opportunity for premium spirits.