Puzzle magazines enjoy a sales peak in the lead up to, and over, the Easter holiday so it is worth allowing them a bit of extra space in the coming weeks.

The category earned £45m of sales in 2014 – of which 7.7m was through independent stores – so we recommend stocking a core range of titles (see bestsellers below).

The three primary puzzle subcategories are mixed content, wordsearch and crosswords. Mixed content puzzle mags account for 30% of all puzzle sales, with Puzzler Collection the best-selling puzzle title on the newsstand.


Puzzler Collection

Take a Break’s Take a Crossword

Take a Break’s Take a Puzzle

Puzzler Q Wordsearch

Take a Break’s Puzzle Selection

Puzzler Q Puzzle Compendium

Family Wordsearch Jumbo

Puzzler Sudoku Puzzle Collection

Take a Break’s Arrowwords


Puzzler Q Kriss Kross

Take a Break’s Seasonal Puzzle Collection

Puzzler Wordsearch

Puzzler Q Pocket Crosswords Collection

Puzzler Sudoku

Puzzler Special

Chat Crosswords

Take a Break’s Wordsearches Collection

Take a Break’s Crossword Collection