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Comparing the prices of low- and no-alcohol products

Low- and no-alcohol lines have a retail sales value of £150m in the UK, and there is manoeuvrability for retailers to drive margins.

Take Guinness Malta Stout 0%. Sixty-nine per cent are selling it for up to £1.59, 50p more than the most-common price of £1.09, charged by 23% of retailers. There’s a similar opportunity to increase margins with Peroni Libera 0.0% 330ml, as 65% are selling it above the most-common price of £1, pricing as high as £2.99.

Furthermore, 54% of retailers are pricing Beck’s Blue six-pack for up to £6.49, compared with its most-common price of £4.99.

Retailers are more cautious with Guinness Draught 0.0% four-pack, with 77% sticking to the most-common price of £4.99, and just 17% stretching to £5.50. Similarly, 76% of retailers are selling Budweiser Zero four-packs at their most-common price of £3.99. This is due to the brand accessibility and the demand to be more competitively priced.

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BECK’S BLUE LAGER 0% 275ML Price distribution %

“Our range is bigger than it used to be. We’ve got multiple varieties of low- and no-alcohol lager and anything that’s available direct from Londis. We try to make sure we’ve got that whole range, so we’ve got a couple of low- and no-alcohol beers and wines.

“Budweiser, Heineken, and Stella all do well, and Eisberg is a good wine option. We stock Gordon’s 0.0%, which we’ve not sold any of yet, but we need to persevere with it. Alcohol-free is more important than it used to be when it was just Beck’s Blue down on the bottom shelf.”

“We’ve got a good customer base for non-alcoholic beers – they do well for us especially at this time of year, but they sell throughout the year. They are good products available in comparison with where they were a few years ago. We group them together in the chiller so customers can see the variety of choice we have straight away.

“We also have non-alcoholic prosecco and Gordon’s 0.0%, which aren’t as popular as the regular, but are an option. I ordered the new Guinness before Christmas, and we’ll be stocking it as soon as it arrives.”

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