Route to the top

After beginning his career working in a builder’s merchants, Neville began a successful career in heating sales, becoming his company’s best performer by his mid-twenties.

A plumbers’ merchants business he set up initially flourished, but foundered in the 1989 recession.

After some difficult years, Neville bounced back on the back of a Welsh Assembly scheme subsidising home insulation conversions.

Surveying mutated into sales, and soon Wilshire had set up Nationwide Energy Services, selling insulation and heating to the whole of Wales via a call centre.

This company was a huge success and folded into Neville’s wider Save Britain Money Group, which offers fuel switching, pension reviews, debt management and mortgage audits in addition to the initial offerings of heat efficiency guidance and refits.

This business has been featured on the popular documentary series The Call Centre.

call-centre1Key achievements

  • Coming back from a position where all hope seemed to be lost to becoming CEO of a major UK company – all in a matter of years.
  • Taking Saving Britain Money (SBM) from nothing to a turnover of £52m in 2013, with a workforce of more than 700 across three sites.
  • The friendly camaraderie of the company is such that BBC3 was attracted enough to feature the company in a very well-received documentary series.

Lessons for your store

  1. Creating a culture is important – Neville’s young employees thrive in the open culture he creates.
  2. Use your experience –  Neville’s core expertise of heating efficiency has been key.
  3. Never quit – Wilshire has consistently bounced come back from adversity.

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