Hiring staff is a difficult task for any retailer, especially if you are unclear of what you expect from your new member of staff. Writing a job description is the first step in finding the right candidate and – while the internet is filled with tips on how to write them – you need to avoid making them generic. 

Having the right team behind you, with good customer service skills and the right initiative is essential for retailers. But to get this, you need to have a written plan of what you’re after, and with less than 50% of stores from the IAA’s 2018 Top 100 possessing current job descriptions, we’ve found out how retailers can get their hiring process off to a great start. Before writing, make sure each job description is tailored to the role, dependent on the needs of your business and being clear and concise throughout.

Job title:

Customer service assisant

Job title:

Retail Supervisor

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