Do you a have a specialist range or service? Do you want to pull in new customers from miles away or lure them from a nearby Tesco Express? In the online world you can muscle (or “optimise”) your way to the top of Google searches in a few easy steps and improve your online presence.

1) Choose your keywords

Firstly, decide on your keywords. Choose three or four, including your location, a word to describe your store and a word that encapsulates the features that are most likely to bring people in.

2) Update your profiles

Pack these keywords into your website, Facebook profile and Twitter biography. If you’re able to write a blog on each topic, that can explain why your store is so community-minded or why fans of a particular local product, magazine or other item should visit you.

3) Use Pinterest

Christine Hope of Hopes of Longtown is one of a growing number of retailers using Pinterest, a site that allows members to put interesting websites, event information or photos onto an online noticeboard for followers to read and share. According to, using the 500-word description to repeat your keywords – whether it’s “Liverpool, “local” or “lager” – is a particularly effective way to rise up Google rankings.

Action for the experts

It can be tempting to “cheat” your way up the rankings by duplicating pages or using other trickery. But according to, the risk of getting penalties from Google and having all your hard work undone is very real. Check out its tips on how to avoid the search engine’s wrath.