In part three of our 12-week programme, the IAA and Mondelez International help Gloucester retailer Rahul Odedra drive sales by creating impactful in-store displays



Being great at creating in-store theatre means you inspire customers, giving them ideas and solutions that drive extra sales. By creating eye-catching displays in high-traffic areas you can keep your shop interesting, helping to encourage more browsing and time in store.

Before benchmarking, find out how Mondelez International’s Susan Nash helped Rahul Odedra create an action plan to improve his store displays and boost sales. 

Rahul’s post office is at the end of a parade in a quiet area of Upton St Leonards, Gloucester. The nearest competitor is a short drive away and his busiest period is before and after school hours, but customers often bypass his fresh produce and locally sourced meats. 

How can the IAA help Rahul make his in-store displays stand out more and drive sales? 



Name Rahul Odedra

Shop Upton St Leonards Post Office
Location Gloucester
Size 900sq ft
Staff Two full-time, one part-time




Why I take part



The IAA gives me ways to help my customers, boost sales and improve my shop displays. I’m looking forward to working with Susan and Mondelez to see where my shop can improve and give a better experience for my customers. If I can make any changes within my shop, then I want to work with the IAA to try them and see how they go.


IAA advice


Rahul’s challenge: Using theatre in displays to grab customers’ attention

Rahul has used PoS on his fixtures to highlight displays and encourage shoppers to pick up items they wouldn’t necessarily do, but what more can he do to increase his customers’ basket spend? 

Susan says: “Rahul should place signs around his shop to advertise locally sourced meat and promote key deals as this will help him stand out from the competition and communicate that his store is good value. Tailored signage attracts customer attention, is cost-effective and can have a real impact on sales by getting your shoppers to pick up those extra items.”

Action: Use tailored signs to highlight locally sourced products and deals to grab shoppers’ attention. 


Rahul’s challenge: Arranging products in impactful displays

Rahul has designed his fruit and vegetable display by taking inspiration from other shops and using plastic trays. He also has an angled mirror reflecting on the produce to attract shoppers’ attention, but could he do more? 

Susan says: “I love the mirror Rahul has placed above the fruit and vegetables. It’s great his range is locally sourced too. By changing the plastic trays to something more rustic, like a basket, he could transform the area and prompt more shoppers to buy. This will also help to communicate quality and the authenticity of the products.”

Action: Source rustic-looking baskets to promote the quality of your locally sourced produce.


Rahul’s challenge: Working with suppliers to maximise impact 

Rahul has a great range in his shop, but he struggles to get products to stand out and worries it could be confusing for customers. How can he make his displays easier to shop and stand out more?

Susan says: “Rahul should work with suppliers on coordinating these displays, highlight his bestsellers and use signs to draw his shoppers’ attention to these products. This should help sales increase. By working with suppliers, they can help group the right products together and maximise promotions. Going back to basics can help the right products stand out and increase Rahul’s overall basket spend.

Action: Work with suppliers to find out how to increase sales of bestselling items and increase basket spend.



Partner advice

Susan Nash
Trade Communications Manager
Mondelez International 
It’s been great coming here. Rahul has a fantastic range of products, in particular his sugar-free items, locally sourced meat and fruit and veg. Our role now is to work with Rahul to better highlight these areas to help the store increase basket size and provide convenience to his customers. ​​