Adam Hogwood, who runs Budgens of Broadstairs in Kent, is this week’s specialist in RN’s guide to selling magazines at Christmas. Here’s his advice on planning ahead and growing sales for the festive season.

Keenly Adam-Hogwoodaware of the potential pitfalls news and magazines can bring, Adam has learnt to take a hands-on approach to selling Christmas titles. “With careful planning and close supervision I can enjoy a significant sales boost, easily quadrupling my sales of TV magazines,” he says.

Adam’s main aim when managing his Christmas range is making sure his customers’ favourite magazines are available at all times. “Speaking from experience, you don’t want to be the only shop in the area to run out of the Radio Times,” he says.

While Adam has reduced his range from three to one metres in the past two years, he has still maintained the same sales volume. “I have cut out the slow-sellers and I now find it a lot easier to manage this smaller range, which particularly works to my advantage at busy seasons such as Christmas,” he says.

1. Tempt customers to treat themselves

Food and TV magazines are two sub-categories that customers always treat themselves to at Christmas, so I stock a good range of these titles.

2. Regularly check in with your distributors for updates

Come Christmas I will be phoning Menzies at least once a week to track my orders, which greatly reduces the risk of running out of stock at crucial times.

3. Prioritise magazines over newspapers

As customers get into the Christmas spirit they tend to prefer reading magazines for enjoyment, rather than just keeping up with the news, so I give more space to magazines.