How to Run a Better Store – The Retail Success Handbook

Why buy Run a Better Store in 2020?

  • Be inspired by and learn from top-performing independent convenience retailers
  • Find out how to secure funding to carry out store development
  • Use the comprehensive supplier directory to find out who you can partner with
Prestonpans retailer Ferhan Ashiq serves a customer

It’s been a year since we launched the Retail Success Handbook – and I couldn’t be more delighted with the response from retailers.

We’ve now launched five issues, which retailers have told us have been useful for their investments throughout the store, in core areas like soft drinks and confectionery, as well as newer opportunities such as food to go and vaping. We were also shortlisted for an industry award for ‘magazine launch of the year’, giving us a good excuse to celebrate success.

This Retail Success Handbook is also based on celebrating success. We’ve worked with the Independent Achievers Academy – a year-long learning and development programme for independent stores – to find out what you can learn from the best in the industry. We’ve divided common themes into three areas that should be high priorities for any ambitious retailer. Increasing spend, boosting margins and expanding reach is what growing a business is all about – more shoppers buying more profitable items more often.

Use this handbook as a source of inspiration to drive your business into the new decade. Becoming a destination or an expert in even a handful of these areas will help you prepare for whatever 2020 holds.

This exclusive insight is yours for just £4.99.

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