How are three retailers using their store location and customer base to see a rise in their cakes and biscuits sales?

Getting my biscuit sales in early

Asmat Saleem – Costcutter, Fife

We sell single bars and multipacks of Belvita and Nutrigrain. We position them alongside confectionery at the front of the store
Sales are really good in our store because people like to have them on their way into work. Single Belvita bars are pricemarked at 55p and a single Nutrigrain is 39p.

My customers are happy with those prices and we prefer selling singles – they give us a margin of 30-35%. Multipacks are only around 10%; we stock them with multipack biscuits.

Helping fill lunchboxes

Chris Shelley – Shelley’s Budgens, Horsham

We’ve noticed an increase in the number of bags we sell and the primary reason for that is that they’re good for lunch boxes. Multipacks of Clubs and Penguins are also good sellers for the same reason.

But our most popular multipack bags are Oreo, a 10-pack sells for £1.99 and it gives us a margin of around 25%. We thought they would be more popular with children but we find that adults tend to go for them more, so I’d recommend retailers think about stocking them in an adult snacking area.

Letting my shoppers have an affordable treat

Linda Sood – Falcon News, Portsmouth

All our biscuits are pricemarked and much of the three-foot fixture we dedicate to it contains Booker’s Euro Shopper range. Their ginger nuts and custard creams at 49p, rich teas at 50p and digestives and bourbons at 59p all sell well.

It’s vital to have a broad variety so we also have branded products. McVitie’s Digestives and McVitie’s Rich Tea, which are both priced at £1.50, our good sellers. We have developed our range by talking to customers and, where possible, we stock what they ask for. Stocking pricemarked products means we only get a margin of around 22% but the rate of sale makes this work for us.