It’s now nearly 9 months since my Family Shopper store opened in High Blantyre and it’s been quite a ride.

Turnover is well ahead of the fairly tough budget that I set and costs are being tightly controlled. Stepping up from the 1000 square feet Premier convenience store that I have run with my wife Roxy for more than 20 year to a 2500 square feet discount model business has gone smoothly with great support from Bookers Family Shopper team.

Moving into a new community meant that I had to put in place an active marketing campaign that was running from before we opened our doors. Social media, particularly Facebook has been the channel of choice with a variety of threads. This activity has been very community focused with competitions for customers, information about local clubs we support alongside a limited amount of product advertising. I also have a Facebook page for my Premier store and a personal one and link content when appropriate.

Mastering social media takes time but is well worth the investment.