Now kids are back to school and the holidays seem a distant memory it’s time to focus on Christmas snacking. Toby Hill and Tom Gockelen-Kozlowski asked retailers for their top advice this year

Cross merchandise

Shahid Razzaq
Family Shopper,
Blantyre, Glasgow

We always make sure we have multipacks and grab bags, and we display them side by side with dips: Primula in the chiller, Dorito salsa on the grocery shelves and, increasingly, Booker’s Discover the Choice dips are selling well, too.

Tie together products with giveaways

Ranjit Singh
Parans Minimarket,
Rothwell, Leeds

We sell turkeys from a local butcher, which we ask people to pre-order, and then we do promotions tying other products into that, such as crisps, snacks and dinner items like apple brandy sauce. 

Use offers and promote them heavily

Sunita Kanji
Family Shopper,
Little Hulton, Greater Manchester

It is difficult to take on the discounters as people often go there to get a big shop, so you have to grab people’s attention and get those impulse purchases. We push key Christmas snacking products in our poster displays outside and in PoS around the store.

Consolidate range in line with store size and type

Hitesh Pandya
Toni’s News,
Ramsgate, Kent

You’ve got to have some seasonal lines, but as a CTN we have limited space. So, we’ll choose a small range and focus on getting the right balance between availability and not having huge amounts of waste when 31 December arrives.

"Focus on the first three weeks of December and go big with it"

The Chupa Chups range will include
 a  number of novelty lines

Get your offer ready for 1 December

Mital Morar
Ancoats General Stores,

Focus on the first three weeks of December and go big with it – that’s when people are having their office parties and are enjoying Christmas. By the time you get to 22 or 23 December, people have had enough of it. That’s when they want essentials such as milk and bread.

Stock specialist products

Steve Haines
The Broads,
Coltishall, Norwich 

With snacking products I tend to be more conservative. If you over-order boxes of chocolate, you can use it for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, but after Christmas people have had enough of snacks and have cupboards full of it and are thinking about going on a diet.

Target high turnover rather than high margins

Anish Parekh 
Londis Broadoak Post
Office, Ashton-under-Lyne

I shop around various wholesalers to find the best offers on products I think would resonate with my customers. Then I sell them on offer: I aim for high turnover rather than high margins, targeting people buying impulse and pushing up basket spend.

Stock specialist products to become a destination

Paul Gardner
Budgens of Islington,
North London

We’re offering Mr TG Pullin’s artisanal mince pies this year in both our stores after they sold very well last year. I think what makes them work is their simple packaging and the fact you can really see what you are getting. 

Mix fresh-baked with successful packaged items

Vicky Singh
Mitcham, Surrey

We’ve ordered £1,000 of packed mince pies, but will probably also sell freshly-baked ones as well. One of our other bestsellers is Christmas-themed gingerbread men. Kids find it exciting and they’re traditional, too.  


Industry briefing: Christmas snacks

Lauren George
Trade and brand manager,
Mars Wrigley Confectionery

The final two weeks leading up to Christmas is worth £164m and represents 21.8% of total season sales, so retailers should ensure they are fully stocked right up to Christmas Day.

Consumers are willing to spend and indulge more at key calendar events such as Christmas, leading to a trend in more premium purchases. You can drive last-chance purchases in queue and at the till – these locations drive purchases by up to 60%.

Use all the PoS available to you to create in-store theatre that makes iconic products such as Maltesers Reindeer unmissable in-store. Capitalise on the impulsivity and expandability of the confectionery category by placing confectionery at multiple points around the store. Significant sales uplift can be achieved with positioning closer to the entrance. 

Chris Bates
Impulse sales director,

Last year, Pringles was the most-bought branded FMCG food product in supermarkets during Christmas week.

Retailers benefit from big brands offering a £1 price point all year round. Building on the success of the Pringles 40g snack can, Pringles recently introduced a 70g snack can with £1 price-mark.

pringles.pngFrom October this year, Pringles will launch a ‘free present with every can’ promotion where customers can redeem a free gift – including gadgets and holidays – with every 200g can they purchase. It is our goal to make sure it meets evolving consumer needs – that way retailers can feel confident they are set up for successful impulse sales as consumer tastes change.