Independent retailers are always looking for new ways to boost their profits. This week’s columnist Binny Amin, for example, invited staff from a local Budgens to give a critique of his Whitstable store and share stories of tactics that work in their business.

But in the pursuit of innovation perhaps it’s easy to overlook things that have been around for generations, like home news delivery.

newspaperAs well as increasing the frequency of newspaper sales and being exclusive to the independent trade, HND can be hugely lucrative. The Daily Mail calculates that just 100 HND customers could be worth £10,000 profit a year.

And those considering starting up an HND round have been given the perfect opportunity. The Mail is offering 10 RN readers its expertise, as well as a £1,000 capital investment, to help set up a thriving HND business.

RN will report on their progress over the summer and host a masterclass with expert roundsman Richard Brighton.

If you’ve thought about starting up a delivery service, or have a question about how the Mail could help you, call 020 3615 0639 or email today.

Meanwhile those already offering home deliveries also stand to benefit from an exciting new initiative too.

NFRN Store2Door aims to create a national home delivery brand for members as well as guaranteed service excellence that will give publishers the confidence to invest.

The federation is also trialing offers and canvassing mechanics to drive growth through members’ stores.

The industry is working hard to grow your business. So repay their faith and throw your weight behind these excellent schemes.