Speak to one of the many convenience retailers that have already embraced social media and they’ll tell you how a little effort can go a very long way.

Harris Aslam, a Retail Express columnist told us how £10 invested in Facebook, combined with a tempting offer for customers that encouraged them to interact, gave his store £750 in sales.

While Mandeep Singh recently told our managing director Nick Shanagher how his store's increasing social media presence (they have 5,612 followers on Twitter and 11,097 members in their Facebook group as I write this) means customers come into their shop specifically to get their picture taken so they can feature on Singh’s Premier’s Twitter and Facebook feed. They then share the post – marketing the business to an even wider audience.

And one customer travelled 24 miles to buy a £250 bottle of champagne from them because of their social media activity.

These are big examples, but they can apply to every convenience retailer looking to build their business. And with more and more of your customers moving online, it’s a marketing opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Don’t be intimidated. There are several resources available to help you on your way. Your symbol group may be able to offer assistance – Booker is launching a series of social media workshops later this month, for example. 

Or check out our simple social media guide to help you get started.

Social media takes a little time, thought and perseverance, but it gets results.